Hat: Mombasa Rose
Tunic: OOTD - Mombasa Rose
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Rubi

This shoot was done a few months ago for an assignment for college. It was themed Op Shop! See my other shoot that was completed on the same day here

Model: Georgie Arnell-Smith
Stylist & Photographer: Caitlin Arnell-Smith

Eat Street



On the weekend i went to one of Brisbane's most amazing, delicious and quirky markets, Eat Street! If you haven't been already i suggest you do. It is located at Brisbane's Hamilton Wharf and is filled with gourmet food vendors as well as aspiring creatives. 
Whilst there we decided that we would try everything we could! There was food from countries all over the world such as France, Hungry, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malaysia and heaps more! In total about 20,000 calories were consumed. #notguilty #completlyworthit #foodexpierance
Caitlin xx

Pop Art

Sunnies: Dragonberry Boutique
Top: Dragonberry Boutique
Skirt: Dragonberry Boutique
Boots & Socks: Target

This shoot was themed pop art, so I decided to source from the lovely girls at Dragonberry who lent me this super cute matching top and skirt set. You can buy this outfit from their online store now! The boots were also an awesome find from Target for $24!

Model: Caitlin Gregory @caitymareeee
Stylist: Caitlin Arnell-Smith @caitlinaugust
Photographer: Elizabeth Grinter @elizabethgrinter


Nicole Vetterli @nicolevetterli
Jumper: Myer
Top: Don't Ask Amanda
Jeans: Dr Denim
Boots: Cotton On
Bag: Mimco

Caitlin Arnell-Smith @caitlinaugust
Top: Mombasa Rose
Jacket: Jay Jays ( One of my twelvie purchases came in handy!)
Skirt: Dotti
Bag: Kardashian Kollection
Shoes: Nike

OOTD of Nicole and I in Southbank from a while back.. You can read about our day here 

Purple Leaves

The other week me and my palll Nicole went to South bank on a little adventure. While we were there a Asian festival was on and the Collective Markets.
Nicole bought a ice tea that came in a cute little jar from one of the stalls that we highly recomend you visit! - (Ice Tea Man) There were vintage stores and just plain odd stores but that Brisbane for you!

The little Asian festival was crazy with kids and parents running everywhere. We have no idea why the festival was on but yolo.

Overall a hot day with lots of excitement and fun all around South bank! 
Caitlin xx

ps. south bank outfit post coming soon..

@caitlinaugust @nicolevetterli

Yellow Tweed

Stylist & Model: Mehh
Photographer: Yoann Parejaa

Top: Paper Scissors
Shorts: SES
Jacket: Target
Shoes: Nike

Streeeeet stylllleeee. My shoot was based around my sisters yellow tweed jacket from target. yes, target. It was on sale for twenty bucks in the so called "granny section" as she calls it. 
My inspiration for this look came from the primary colours of yellow and blue. Through our discussions in class on different colours, I gained a certain desire to place these primary colours together to create a vibrant and unique look. Because the brief was “Street Style”, I wanted to turn something classic and mature like the tweed cardigan into something youthful and fun. Through the use of these “childlike” primary colours i created my look. 
#inspo #pics
Disconnected haircut with blue ombreYellow + Cobaltoh my word, my dream wall that I never knew existed but in my dreams.